WP Customer Area gets a new website!

The plugin is not abandoned

A lot of you have written to us following the outage of the website during a whole month. We want to reassure you.

2021 will even be a memorable year in this plugin’s history: Thomas and I (Vincent), have started in January a company to formalize what we have been doing for the past 8 years as freelance developers.

As a result, we are happy to say that WP Customer Area will have a bright future: we have a brand new add-on in the works (beta testing phase) and lots of ideas on the list.

A unfortunate event destroyed our servers and thus we have taken the decision to rebuild our website from scratch to help provide better support, make it easier for us to release updates and write more documentation.

Recovering your licenses

If you are a customer with licenses bought before March 2021, you will need to acquire new license keys as we have changed our licensing backend.

In order for us to handle recovering your purchase details, you should write an email to shop@wp-customerarea.com and let us know:

  • The email address you had purchased the addons with
  • The date of purchase
  • The payment method you had used (PayPal account or Stripe/Credit card)
  • Which addons you had bought

We will then send you a discount code which allows you to purchase the addons again. That discount code will allow us to:

  • Prorate the price according to the time remaining (e.g. we are currently in April 2021 + you have purchased in August 2020 = you still have 4 months of valid license. We will discount 33% of the yearly price so that you get a licence until April 2022 with 4 months offered)
  • Give you a little additional « historical customer » discount to thank you for sticking with us and apologize for the hassle that fire has caused (in the above case, we would turn that into a 40% discount).

Our agenda for the upcoming weeks

As our regular users will notice, this website still lacks a resource center to host documentation and a support forum. Fear not! This will come very soon. We wanted to allow you recovering your new license keys as quickly as possible.