What’s new in WP Customer Area 7.4? Pay invoices online!

6 November 2017

Checkout our new PayPal and Stripe payments gateways add-ons

We are proud to announce that we are releasing today a big update including two new add-ons to let you pay invoices online with PayPal and Stripe Gateways!

Let’s pay invoices online!

As part of the free plugin, you will find a new payments tab in your WP Customer Area settings to manage your invoices payments.

WP Customer Area New payments feature!
WP Customer Area New payments feature!

By default, you can accept manual payments (cheque, wired transfers), but we have 2 brand new gateways available to accept payments via PayPal accounts and from credit cards via Stripe.

Payments listing

You will also find a new page into Customer Area → Payments which separately list all the payments for each invoice.

WP Customer Area New payments listing page
WP Customer Area New payments listing page

You can filter the list by payments status, or even by selecting a date range.

WP Customer Area Payments filetring by status and date
WP Customer Area Payments filtering by status and date

Payment details

Each payment has his own detail page resuming useful information that you can edit about the payer, selected gateway, paid object and payment data. There is even a “Notes” widget listing all the payment history actions.

WP Customer Area New payment details page
WP Customer Area New payment details page

Payment notifications

If you own the notifications add-on, you will be able to edit the notifications messages in Settings  → WP Customer Area → Notifications.

WP Customer Area Payments notifications
WP Customer Area Payments notifications

Invoices automatic statuses from payments

You will find in Settings  → WP Customer Area → Invoices two fields allowing you to choose the status to set when the invoice gets fully paid, or when it gets refunded for instance.

WP Customer Area Automatic status
WP Customer Area Automatic status

Invoices payments history

Every single invoice on the admin area will now display a payment history table. Notice that you can also add payment manually from there.

WP Customer Area Automatic status
WP Customer Area Automatic status

Email logs

You can now view any email or notification that get sent in Customer Area → Logs.

WP Customer Area Actions logs
WP Customer Area Actions logs

Close conversations

The conversation author can now decide to close the conversation to new replies.

WP Customer Area Close conversations
WP Customer Area Close conversations

ACF support

We updated supported version of ACF to for our Advanced Custom Fields Integration add-on.

More than 15 fixes!

Additionally, we have also fixed several issues listed below. For more details, you can also see the changelog included in the plugin.

= 7.4.0 (2017/10/11) =

  • Fix: CSS for admin tabs in settings
  • Fix: website profile field not saved properly
  • Fix: hook to change default collection display mode was not working
  • Fix: warnings shown by a WP function when recreating the WP Customer Area menu after deleting/re-creating all pages
  • Fix: update the flush rewrite rules automatically after slug updates
  • Fix: badges and labels hover colors
  • Fix: wizard better responsive mode

Add-on changes

  • Add-ons – Fix: switch clearfix CSS class to cuar-clearfix to avoid conflicts
  • Design Extras – Tweak: recompile styles to match WP Customer Area 7.4.0
  • Invoicing – New: compatibility with the new online payment gateways
  • Invoicing – Fix: meta data was lost when trashing/restoring an invoice
  • Invoicing – Fix: the notice field was always logged as updated even when not touched
  • Notifications – New: Log notifications that get sent
  • Notifications – Fix: Allow by default sending notifications to current user. The filter ‘cuar/notifications/allow-notification-to-self’ can be used to change that.
  • Projects – Fix: do not execute project updated hook twice
  • Protect Post Types – Fix: typos about owner names in admin interface

Updated and new contents

Additionally, we have updated and created new contents to help you use and customize your private area. Do not miss it!

Hope you will enjoy new WP Customer Area 7.4.0!

We are very pleased to announce these new features and add-ons. To thank you, you lovely WP Customer Area user, for reading this post till the end, we offer you a coupon code: WPCA740. It will be available until 20th November and will give you a 10% off of all the bundles!

Remember that the free plugin available on WP.org, comes with free support. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If you’d like to, you can post a review about the plugin on WP.org.